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the world needs more veronica mars

Oh, Kristen Bell, let me count the ways I love thee:

1. your continued commitment to marriage equality, complete with Friend Factor profile, and rocking last year’s Old Navy limited edition Pride t-shirt.

2. that you and Dax have stated you won’t marry until there’s marriage equality, and it sounds like you’ll stick to it - unlike Angie and Brad.

3. your adorable Sloth Meltdown.

4. that you’re captain of 30 day homies, encouraging Twitter followers to do daily 1 our exercise classes, which while I’m not participating in, it’s super cool that you’re connecting people to a vast buddy system.

5. Jason Segel couldn’t forget you, as Sarah Marshall.

6. Jeannie VDH of House of Lies - just one of the guys, with an underlying vulnerability.

7. Badass Burlesque dancer Nikki.

8. Bad girl, with powers Elle on Heroes

9. Most importantly, and the role that introduced me to your acting prowess:  Intelligent, witty, sleuthster Veronica Mars.

Now that we have that out of the way.

Veronica Mars is the modern Nancy Drew, yet somehow stronger, and more independent.  The show captured high school life better, and more accurately than any other, it tackled real issues, without being preachy or seeming to be a long PSA, disguised as something more.

It was smartly written, and is so quotable, that it’s appealing to adults too; clearly, otherwise I wouldn’t watch it. The exchanges between Veronica, and her Dad, who’s Sheriff, then PI, and hopefully Sheriff again, are priceless.  When they join forces to break into a house, Veronica  quips: “This is just like that time we went to Disneyland.  If I have another altercation with Snow White and her disapproving dwarves, you’re taking Sneezy this time.”  She hops the fence, making Bionic Woman sound effects as she lands on the other side, and looks through the bars of the fence at her dad.  “The park’s closed.  The walrus out front should’ve told you.”

Her character has many layers to it.  She’s not the most popular girl, but everyone knows who she is.  She has one foot in the rich kid camp, care of her (dead) best friend, and boyfriend.  The other firmly planted in middle class, due to her personal circumstances.  She helps those in need, even when she doesn’t like them.  Like Nancy Drew, and Sherlock Holmes before her, there’s no mystery she cannot solve.  She’s strong, with a vulnerability to her, she’s likeable, and believable.

The show came to a close after three short seasons.  While I’m glad Bell has had the opportunity to successfully shed that role, and move into many other projects, I feel like it’s time for a reunion show.  If you’ve seen season 3 on DVD, and watched the bonus features, you’ve no doubt watched the season 4 pitch.  Fast forward a few years, and not only has Veronica graduated first from Hearst, she also graduated from the Academy, no doubt top of her class and is now an FBI special agent.  Creator Rob Thomas discusses how they very deliberately changed the tone, including moving from a warm color palette, into cool tones, thereby making it edgier and presumably a bit older.

For argument’s sake, let’s say it’s time for her 10 year high school reunion.  Get on that, would you Rob?  Kristen?  Interesting to think that if the show was airing now, and faced potential cancellation due to what the networks (through their antiquated systems) may view as low ratings, we could stage a Community-esque 6 seasons and a movie viewer campaign.